UPS battery backup solution design

Interruption of electrical power to your organisation’s critical equipment

The impact of loss of electrical power to an organisation’s ICT systems can be significant, and can include several of the following factors:

  • Lost sales transactions (un-recoverable lost revenue)
  • Lost employee contribution to the organisation, both during the outage and during the subsequent recovery time
  • Impact on delivery of critical services to your customers
  • Lost ability to complete buying transactions
  • Negative impact to the brand due to unavailability of services etc.
  • Negative customer experience
  • Negative impact to time-critical operations
  • Impact to life support systems, medical procedures, etc.
  • Financial trading losses
  • Complex multi-party schedules disrupted (logistics, transport, shipping, etc.)
  • Security issues (loss of lighting, surveillance, access control, etc.)
    Inability for your consultants to charge time (accounting, legal services, etc.)
  • Damage to ICT hardware with significant recovery time and costs
UPS battery backup solution design

Does your organisation need a UPS battery backup solution to protect your ICT systems?

From the commercial standpoint, the answer to this can be calculated simply by estimating the total cost to the organisation of a power outage (from the list above) and comparing this to the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a UPS battery backup solution.

TCO of a UPS battery backup solution

The TCO will include many of the following costs:

  • Capital cost of the UPS battery backup equipment
  • Rental, hire or lease cost of the UPS battery backup equipment
  • Installation costs (placement, mechanical and electrical works, commissioning, etc.)
  • Maintenance, servicing and other consumables
  • Office and/or rack space for the equipment
  • Disposal costs at end-of-life
UPS battery backup solution design 4

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