Diesel fuel tank bug contamination

What is ‘diesel bug’?

The presence of Microbial Contamination, or “diesel bug”, in diesel fuel and diesel storage tanks causes significant risk to the efficient and reliable operation of diesel engines used in emergency/backup/standby diesel generators.

All diesel fuel deteriorates in a number ways; water ingress is the most common problem, usually from condensation. Water also encourages micro-bacterial growth which can build up in the diesel fuel and this ‘biomass’ will lead to a sludge forming, commonly called ‘diesel bug’. And the fuel itself will tend to deteriorate over time and form a fine sediment in the diesel tanks and throughout the diesel system. All these contaminants will clog up your filters, reduce your generator’s performance and ultimately lead to expensive equipment damage and/or loss of engine power.

Diesel fuel tank bug contamination

How is your engine affected by ‘diesel bug’?

Fuel infected with bacteria contaminants (diesel bug) affects your diesel fuel system and the equipment powered by it in several ways:

  • Total engine failure due to fuel starvation
  • Corrosion of the diesel fuel storage tanks, piping and valves
  • Corrosion of the diesel engine fuel injectors
  • Damage to in-line instrumentation
  • Blockage of pipes & valves
  • Increased water content causing damage to components within the diesel fuel system
  • Breakdown of diesel causing loss of lubricity and therefore ability to reduce friction
  • Diesel fuel filter clogging and blockage requiring frequent filter replacement
    High fuel consumption
Diesel fuel tank bug contamination

The solution to ‘diesel bug’

Our team of generator service engineers is experienced in the effective removal of diesel bug contaminations from your diesel fuel system. Our portable diesel fuel polishing system includes Racor fuel filtering, magnetic flux field bacteria filtering, water and moisture removal, flow-rate metering and high-volume pumping equipment. This enables us to remove the diesel bug contaminants from your fuel system, clean the diesel fuel tank, and remove sludge and debris from your diesel and your diesel tank.

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