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Comprehensive UPS and battery backup product range and support

IT Power offers for sale a comprehensive range of both UPS and backup battery solution together with associated equipment and services required to provide a complete no-break power backup solution. This includes UPS solutions with capacities ranging from 350VA to 1MVA.

Our UPS and backup battery sales are offered and supported throughout New Zealand. Many of our recent UPS or battery backup projects and solutions can be viewed in the portfolio section of this website.

Brands supplied include Schneider/APC, Delta, Eaton, Emerson, Liebert, Riello and Vertiv. A range of stock items are available in stock in New Zealand.

Ancillary equipment for UPS and battery backup solutions

As part of a total no-break UPS or backup battery solution, IT Power also offers for sale comprehensive power supply and distribution systems, together with a range of battery replacement, maintenance and repair services.

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Consultation to achieve a fit-for-purpose solution for your organisation

IT Power’s consulting engineers are available for a free consultation to rapidly provide a high-level UPS or backup battery solution design, cost estimate and assist with business case qualification. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Power continuity business case

IT Power understands how the power continuity business case relates to the various market segments. We can help qualify and document your business case for a UPS or battery backup solution at conception, and our project managers will then take responsibility for the project delivery right up to completion, commissioning and handover to operations.

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Trade-ins on old or existing generator hardware

We provide upgrade and trade-in options for oversized, undersized, obsolete or faulty UPS or battery backup systems, together with the environmentally responsible recycling of old batteries and hardware when purchasing a new solution.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact our sales or support teams at any time should you require further information on purchasing the above products or services.