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Experienced, trained and licenced technicians

IT Power has a team of highly experienced and trained UPS technicians available to service, maintain and repair your UPS and battery backup systems and solutions. UPS or battery backup system servicing is more than just undertaking an operation check on the equipment; IT Power undertakes a comprehensive preventive maintenance approach when servicing your UPS or battery backup systems to ensure that issues are identified proactively and addressed before they cause unscheduled site outages.

Nationwide repair, service and maintenance

Mobile technicians are available nationwide to undertake a full range of services, maintenance and repairs on your UPS or battery backup systems, either at your site or in our workshops.

UPS battery backup service maintenance repair 2

Quality services

The quality of maintenance and service of your UPS or battery backup systems can be the difference between your solutions operating to support your site when required or not. Considering the capital cost of a typical backup installation it is clearly false economy not to ensure that high-level proactive maintenance and servicing is undertaken regularly.

We undertake UPS or battery backup system repairs to a high standard, making the effort to understand the root cause of the fault, rather than just undertaking a repair without understanding why the fault occurred. With this approach we ensure that faults are fixed correctly and do not re-occur.

Spare parts

A wide range of spare parts is kept at our warehouse in Auckland, and together with our nationwide parts supplier partnerships we can get critical parts to you urgently throughout New Zealand.

UPS battery backup service maintenance repair

Testing and fault-finding

Our service and repair teams are equipped with a wide range of UPS and battery backup electrical test equipment to ensure faults are diagnosed quickly and accurately at your site, saving our customers valuable time and costs. Test and repair equipment include portable load banks, insulation test equipment, battery testing equipment, power quality analysers and network access equipment.

Contact us

Call us on 0800-IT-POWER or email us at to discuss your service, maintenance or repair requirements with a specialist UPS or battery backup technician.