Standby backup diesel generator load bank testing

Generator load testing

IT Power provides comprehensive workshop and on-site load bank testing for diesel generators up to 2MVA.

On-load diesel generator testing to prime-rated (100%) or standby-rated (110%) output capacity is a crucial aspect of both commissioning and on-going proactive maintenance of a standby/backup emergency diesel generator system to ensure all operating parameters are to specification. Many aspects of a diesel generator’s performance are not tested or proven if the diesel generator is only tested in a no-load condition.

Proactive approach to diesel generator maintenance

Regularly load bank testing your standby/backup emergency diesel generator will minimise and even prevent some of the costly problems that will arise through lack of this type of load testing, in particular the cost of unscheduled electrical outages to your site and your operations due to diesel generator failure and/or under-performance.

Standby backup diesel generator load bank testing

Why load test your diesel generator?

Our load bank testing will prove the correct operation and performance of the following key aspects of your diesel generator’s performance:

  • AC alternator performance at load and output voltage regulation during step load changes
  • Electrical overload protection and wiring systems
  • Fuel systems and their ability to deliver maximum fuel flow rates
  • Cooling systems and their ability to remove the required heat energy from the engine at maximum load
  • Diesel engine performance; output power, various temperatures, noise levels, vibration, etc.
  • Monitoring systems
  • Ventilation systems and other ancillary equipment

Standby backup diesel generator load bank testing

Comprehensive load testing service

Our diesel generator load bank testing includes testing of land-based diesel generators and marine diesel generators on board ships, yachts and work boats. These can be supplied for most voltages, frequencies and capacity requirements. Our load banks are portable and can be delivered to site as required.

All implementation and testing works are overseen by qualified, registered and experienced technicians. Comprehensive reporting is available on completion of the testing as required.

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