Datablok Modular Containerised Data Centres – MODULAR CONTAINERISED DATA CENTRES

Datablok modular portable containerised data centre

Modular, containerised, reliable, efficient and secure

The datablok Modular Containerised Data Centre provides an ideal solution for ICT professionals looking to implement a physical data centre with a high degree of flexibility, reliability, efficiency, security and transportability.

For a variety of reasons, Modular Containerized Data Centres are gaining popularity where organisations seek to reduce their expenditure on real estate and sunk costs for specialised ‘bricks and mortar’ data centres, opting rather to procure a highly customisable and relocatable data centre asset.

Datablok modular portable containerised data centre

Designed and built to order

Each datablok build is uniquely tailored to the customer’s own specification using the highest quality 10’, 20’ or 40’ ISO containers, ensuring the customer’s requirements for capacity, availability, security and functionality are met. Specifications can include backup/standby generators, redundant power and cooling systems, fire detection/suppression, access control systems and comprehensive remote monitoring/management options.

We work closely with our clients at the design stage to ensure they have clarity on the risks, benefits and costs associated with numerous system specifications that need to be finalised in order to deliver a turnkey datablok Modular Containerised Data Centre solution, fit-for-purpose and within budget.

Datablok modular portable containerised data centre

Applications and uses

Applications well suited to the datablok include the physical housing of ICT production, disaster recovery or backup hardware. Often this is best undertaken in-house, either due to security, performance or cost benefits.

Other uses include temporary ICT infrastructure requirements for organisations, data centres, logistics, military or civil defence needs.

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