UPServe UPS Preventive Maintenance and 24/7 Onsite Support

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No Power = No Business

The majority of organisations understand the importance of the role of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) in protecting their ICT equipment, but sadly many of them are not aware of their level of priority support on their UPS infrastructure. Usually, this is realised just after disaster strikes - the UPS fails and it's goodbye servers, their precious data in limbo awaiting expensive and time-consuming data recovery.

Quite often companies experience this type of scenario and realise just how inadequate their UPS maintenance or support process actually is.

Introducing UPServe©

Quality Maintenance

IT Power will provide that vital power protection safety net you need with our outstanding UPServe© UPS maintenance and support plan, significantly minimizing the risk of power-related ICT failures. Our top quality, regular preventive maintenance of your UPS system will eliminate the majority of causes of faults and unscheduled outages.

24 Hour Support

With UPServe© 24-hour / 7-day cover accessible in over 60 towns and cities around New Zealand, IT Power's experienced support teams are on hand nationwide, whenever you need them, either via phone support or on your site.

On-Site Crisis Resolution

IT Power's UPServe© contract will give you and your people immediate increased peace of mind. Call-outs become much less likely, however if a rare event occurred, our support team will ensure that remote or on-site crisis resolution is achieved quickly and effectively. Faulty equipment is either repaired or replaced on your site.

Business Case Power Back-upBusiness Case

Contracted delivery of Uninterrupted Power is crucial for organisations for the following 5 main reasons

Business Availability: Reliable, well-maintained UPS infrastructure prevents critical services such as health, security, financial, logistics and communications from being interrupted by power supply disruptions. The lack of pro-active management of UPS devices and no rapid recovery of UPS operation in the event of a failure is catastrophic when it affects such critical services.

Productivity Losses: Power outages are responsible for irrecoverable employee productivity loss and this is usually many times the direct salary cost. By reducing employee downtime, the UPServe© UPS maintenance and support plan contributes directly to the bottom line. Calculating the return on investment is a simple matter of offsetting the cost of reliable UPS delivery, against the cost of lost contribution hours and consequent effects prevented over a given period.

Lost Revenue: Customers attitudes have changed - consumers and business now demand instant response, service and supply of product. Unfortunately, the fragility of New Zealand's power infrastructure does have a negative effect on a business' ability to satisfy those demands, and today's customer will simply look elsewhere if your business cannot show evidence of service reliability. So avoid giving your valuable client base any reason to procure from the opposition.

Brand Value: Customers today have limited patience when faced with unavailability of a service before switching allegiance, and often this is a permanent switch. The impact of poor business service and continuity will impact both financially and through diminished Brand Value. Even small power outages can cause uncertainty in the marketplace, let alone larger, more calamitous power disruptions, as is now often evidenced regularly throughout New Zealand.

Unplanned Repair Expenses: Additional to the business impact of an outage, the direct cost of an emergency repair of a UPS in the case of failure generally exceeds the cost of contracted UPServe© support.

The bottom line is that all UPS equipment will fail if not serviced properly. This makes the UPServe© range much more cost effective than the human and hardware resource costs of dealing with an outage. The value of IT Power's UPServe© contract support is further magnified when you realise you run the risk of waiting as long as two weeks for a replacement device from a vendor (even if it is still under vendor warranty) or having to repair/replace the device if it is not.

Experience Counts - Case Studies

See our case studies involving CallPlus, Diagnostic MedLab and the Manukau Institute of Technology.

Customised Service - UPServeCustomised Service

Within the UPServe© range there are two specific options:

  • The UPServe© contract is customised for new or recently purchased UPS infrastructure - this provides full maintenance and support for qualifying products for up to three years from initial purchase.
  • The UPServeEX© contract is designed for existing UPS infrastructure older than 1 year, providing full maintenance and support for three years. It also allows for additional initial parts and services at the start of the contract to raise the UPS performance and reliability to the required level.

UPServe Customised ServiceUPServe© provides:

  • 3-year pro-active UPS maintenance to minimise failure and outage risk
  • 24-hour / 7-day telephone technical support
  • 24-hour / 7-day on-site technical support
  • Targeted incident response time of 2 hours to site (4-hour maximum)
  • All parts and replacement batteries required
  • Replacement UPS equipment available on hand to facilitate immediate resolution

Additionally, UPServeEX© also provides:

  • Complete battery replacement at start of the term, including a full on-site service where applicable

The above options are available in more than 60 towns and cities throughout New Zealand.

- Terms and Conditions

  • UPServe© and UPServeEX© are now available and certified for the following UPS brands:
    • APC / Chloride / Compaq / Dell / Deltec / Emerson / HP / IBM / Liebert / Powerware
  • Covered equipment must be used within manufacturer's specifications and be located in a suitably cooled and clean environment.
  • Includes cover for any external battery packs connected to the UPS, but cost of replacement batteries for these external packs is not included.
  • A permanent or temporary UPS of equal or larger capacity may be supplied as a replacement in the event of a critical failure to ensure fast resolution.
  • Aged or inadequately maintained equipment may not be suitable for UPServe© or UPServeEX© in this case we would offer alternative support options for this equipment.
  • Pre-existing faults with equipment will need to be resolved prior to the equipment being suitable for UPServe© or UPServeEX©.
  • Cover for software and accessory cards is limited to telephone technical support only, no software upgrades, licences or replacement accessory cards are included.
  • Published pricing applies to UPS units without extended-run battery capability. For units with extended-run capability please contact IT Power or your UPServe© Certified Reseller for specific pricing.
  • Damage resulting from lightning strikes and/or abnormal power surges is excluded.

For further information about UPServe© or Certified UPServe© Resellers, please contact us.

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