"IT Power constantly rates 'excellent' in Diagnostic Medlab's annual supplier performance assessment for customer service and health and safety."

Bruce Andrew, Quality, Health and Safety Manager, Diagnostic Medlab Ltd


New Zealand's newest mobile company, Two Degrees Mobile Limited (2 Degrees), has invested significantly in telecommunications equipment to support its growing operations around the country. IT Power was carefully selected after a detailed tender process to provide standby generator units for their remote communication sites throughout NZ.

We specified the McLennan Power gensets (www.mclennanpower.com) to provide the high level of reliability and remote management required for this application. The management solution we implemented to support the individual gensets allows compehensive monitoring and regular testing from the 2 Degrees network operation centre (NOC) via ethernet. This ensures maximum availability of power to their remote communication equipment.


The New Zealand Fire Service provides emergency services to communities throughout the country. In order to support these services they have an ongoing need for transportable diesel generator equipment to provide electrical power when and where grid power is not available.

IT Power was recently selected by the New Zealand Fire Service to provide them with transportable diesel generator equipment. We specified and supplied a trailer-mounted McLennan Power generator solution for this application (www.mclennanpower.com) to provide the high level of reliability and durability required for their services.

Operational and maintenance training was provided to the NZFS by IT Power to ensure they have the in-house capability to ensure the equipment operates as requried at all times. 24x7 support is also provided to the NZFS for the equipment to ensure that high-level support is available from IT Power if and when required.

CallPlusNationwide Power Protection for CallPlus Case Study

As one of New Zealand’s larger telecommunications providers, CallPlus has an extensive nationwide critical infrastructure solution that provides the backend to their communications services. Uptime for this infrastructure is critical, and CallPlus have chosen IT Power to ensure power availability to all sites.

“With IT Power managing the power protectionat all our sites, we have removed the possibility of external power events affectingour business” says the CallPlus Operations Manager. And regarding the value of power protection to their organisation he says, “ Our expenditure with IT Power for high quality power protection is minimal when compared to the potential loss of business, impact on brand value, and interruption in delivery of services caused by power outages”.

IT Power maintains approximately 50 UPS units for CallPlus throughout NZ, where we have proudly achieved a very high level of availability for the client since the start of the contract six years ago.

Power protection and cooling solution for financial services firm Case Study

An international financial services firm - one of the 'Big Four' - with offices throughout New Zealand and employs over 700 staff, and relies on an uninterrupted supply of power and a reliable cooling solution for it's ICT operational stability. IT Power Services Ltd provides and maintains their power protection and cooling solutions nationwide to facilitate this.

The ICT Infrastructure

This organisation has a nationwide ICT infrastructure which operates a 'hub and spoke' interconnection model so that each office has adequate data backup in the event of an outage at the main datacentre.

The main datacentre in Auckland houses the telephony system, core national network, CRM, practice management, financial , payroll and all nationally provided services. A smaller datacentre in Wellington, in addition to providing local services, also operates as an effective disaster recovery site . Server rooms in other offices hold local file servers.

Power Protection and Cooling Solution

A new datacentre has recently been designed, implemented and commissioned for their Auckland head office. The solution provides for both redundant power and redundant cooling, providing a number of significant benefits:

  • 1. Extremely high power and cooling availability to the protected ICT equipment
  • 2. No single points of failure within these systems
  • 3. Any component within the power and cooling infrastructure can be serviced, shut down or removed without requiring an outage for ICT services.

Other centres throughout the country have high quality power protection solutions to provide the required local level of availability of ICT services.

All equipment is pro-actively maintained with contracted support services upplied by IT Power.

"IT Power provides us with a highly effective supply, implementation and support solution to cover the whole country, " says their
Senior ICT Manager.

MIT Manukau Institute of Technology IT Power ensures MIT is always powered on Case Study

Tertiary education provider Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), which services more than 20,000 students internationally, utilises IT Power in supporting the institute’s power protection requirements throughout its data centres for Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS). The ICTS main data centre houses one of the most advanced systems in the tertiary sector in New Zealand, boasting over 160 servers supporting applications for nearly 4000 PCs, thin clients and portables. IT Power ensures these critical systems have reliable power to enable uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day.

At the concept and design stage of MIT’s new ICTS main data centre, they turned to IT Power for power protection expertise. The resulting consulting partnership ensured the best technical and commercial outcome for MIT. This required integration of a number of key areas of interest, including reliability, serviceability, scalability, turn-key installation costs and ongoing maintenance costs. The final solution has no single points of failure within the UPS and power distribution system, which to date has achieved 100% uptime since commissioning over four years ago.

The same approach was taken more recently for their DR data centre, where IT Power successfully implemented a similar power protection solution.

We ensure Sysmex is powered on in a power crisis Case Study

Sysmex New Zealand Ltd, based on the outskirts of Auckland's CBD, engaged IT Power to provide a power protection solution designed for their specific needs. Their server room and telephone system are powered by the latest APC InfraStruXure solution providing sufficient time to shut down servers network infrastructure in an organised manner. The Auckland-wide power outage on 12 June 2006 tested the robustness of this solution.

Sysmex's Operations

Sysmex New Zealand is a market leader in the field of clinical laboratory testing and health information technology products and services – supplying laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organisations worldwide. The 65 plus staff depend on reliable, uninterrupted power so they can develop software and provide support to customers.

Power Protection and Server Management with an APC UPS Solution

Sysmex needed a fully integrated infrastructure solution, incorporating power protection and server housing for its server room. IT Power recommended an APC InfraStruXure system. This provides a rack that is suitable for Sysmex's multitude of servers from different vendors, plus cable management, backup power and environmental monitoring. The system is also expandable if additional battery run-time is required or alternatively it can be connected to a standby generator.

Sysmex now has backup battery power for at least 20 minutes, at 90% load on the UPS. This provides reliable power to the core systems and infrastructure reducing the possibility of data corruption due to power irregularities. In the event of a power outage, the servers and network infrastructure can be shut down in an orderly fashion. Additionally, due to its low power consumption, the PABX can continue to be run for up to three hours, so that customers can be notified of alternative contact details if required.

In addition, Sysmex can now monitor the humidity and temperature of the server room with the environmental monitoring capability of the APC InfraStruXure system. A humidity and temperature probe provides remote readings to the Systems Manager so they can ensure that the room is operating within acceptable moisture and heat parameters.

"The APC system provided 55 minutes of backup battery power in a recent power outage which meant we could shut the servers down in a managed process. We were also able to have the telephones operating for nearly three hours so we could contact customers to advise them of the situation. This enabled us to put our risk management processes in place," says Jason Chuang, Systems Manager, Sysmex New Zealand.

IT Power is Sysmex's Power Protection Specialist

IT Power was chosen as Sysmex's power protection specialist as it offers a complete solution. "IT Power sells the UPS hardware as well as providing service and maintenance," adds Jason. "It is the one-stop shop for our power protection requirements."

"IT Power's power protection solution stood the test during the half day power outage we experienced. We were able to shut down servers safely and operate telephones for three hours. The solution paid for itself in this one incident!"
Jason Chuang, Systems Manager, Sysmex New Zealand

Diagnostic Medlab
We provide power protection in the health sector Case Study

Diagnostic Medlab Ltd, based in Auckland, is the largest community medical testing laboratory in New Zealand, undertaking 32,000 tests for around 9,500 patients each day. Specimens from patients referred by general practitioners, specialists, and midwives are tested.

Diagnostic Medlab operates five separate technical departments which use medical analysers, tissue processors and microbiology apparatus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All this equipment relies on an uninterrupted supply of clean power to operate efficiently. IT Power Services Ltd has made this possible by providing ongoing maintenance of Diagnostic Medlab's power protection equipment.

Diagnostic Medlab's Power Protection is Paramount

Diagnostic Medlab is based in an Auckland suburb prone to power interruptions and surges. Nevertheless, as it must provide urgent results, it is imperative that instruments are kept running at all times. The lab is also reliant on a constant power supply to make sure results are sent out on the same day as tests are completed. Due to these factors, Diagnostic Medlab has been proactive in ensuring its power is protected.

Diagnostic Medlab has 40 UPS units of various brands, ranging in size from 400VA up to 10kVA. These units protect computers attached to medical laboratory testing equipment–as well as the mainframe computer–from power surges and complete power failure. If a power outage occurs, the UPS systems provide staff with sufficient time to undertake an ordered shutdown of equipment, so that no data is lost and tests don't have to be re-run. The lab also has two backup generators which take the load from the UPS systems in an extended power failure situation.

"Without power protection even a temporary loss of power would stop most instruments which would result in tests having to be repeated, and a delay in results which would inconvenience patients and referrers," says Bruce Andrew, Quality, Health and Safety Manager at Diagnostic Medlab.

Power protection in one of the Technical Departments

Ongoing Power Protection Maintenance

Diagnostic Medlab understands that it needs to have all its power protection devices regularly maintained. IT Power has worked with Diagnostic Medlab since 2002 to provide maintenance of all its UPS systems as part of their disaster planning.

Initially IT Power carried out an audit to determine where each UPS would be located and it's rating. IT Power visits Diagnostic Medlab's site on a regular basis to check the condition of the UPS batteries, check each UPS is carrying the correct load, and make suggestions on how to get the best power protection. IT Power will even provide additional UPS units if required.

"During the visits IT Power engineers often provide helpful tips, even simple things such as making us aware to keep dust off the UPS units so that they function correctly," says Bruce.

IT Power will visit Diagnostic Medlab's site at the most convenient time for the departments, so if a UPS has to be shut down there is minimal disruption to operations. "IT Power is very flexible and fits in with our needs," adds Bruce. "The staff are friendly and can be relied on. If we ever need a loan unit while a UPS is being repaired, IT Power is always willing to provide one."

"IT Power constantly rates 'excellent' in Diagnostic Medlab's annual supplier performance assessment for customer service and health and safety."
Bruce Andrew, Quality, Health and Safety Manager, Diagnostic Medlab Ltd

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